14 May 2013

Two-Ways Tuesday: Art Deco Delight

Dress: Ted Baker. Nat: Shoes: La Scarpa, Earring: Kate Spade. James: Shoes: Report Signature, Earrings: Vintage.

 The Great Gatsby fever is in full swing, so we decided to give a nod to the Art Deco decade in our matching Ted Baker dresses.

What about this dress inspired you to purchase it?
Nat: As a personal shopper and stylist, I’m in stores a lot, so it has to be really special for an item to really stop me in my tracks. This Ted Baker dress did just that! I had been on the hunt without success for a great drop-waist dress that flattered my shape, and this one fit the bill perfectly. I am a neat hourglass, and a drop-waist dress in a knit like this drapes with my curves to help accentuate my shape, and the pattern angles in at the smallest part of my waist. In addition, it’s so comfortable and versatile for many occasions! 

James: When I saw the dress on Nat at her housewarming party, it literally spoke to me. I have never been one to buy a dress my friend already has, but the image of the metallic diamond patterns and sparkling pleats stayed with me for days. I knew I had to have it. Being that Nat and I have very different shapes (I’m shorter and bustier), I was doubtful the dress would look as good on me. But to my surprise, it did! Like Nat, when I tried it on, the diamonds hit me in all the right places and framed my shape in an equally flattering way. At that point, the purchase became a no-brainer.

How did you choose your shoes and accessories?
Nat: In my recent trip to Paris, my friends and I stopped in a cute little shoe store by our apartment, and I knew I had to have these shoes. I had needed a neutral dress shoe that wasn’t just another patent nude platform pump (how’s that for alliteration). The color goes with anything and the geometric details perfectly complement the dress's style and pattern.

James: I purchased these Report Signature shoes for a wedding and was originally drawn to them because they felt like a classic Mary Jane that also commanded attention. When paired with this dress, they convey my typical style preference: a modern take on a vintage look. I also have a mild obsession with vintage jewelry. The shoes and jewelry play off of the dress without detracting from it.

For what occasions have/will you wear this dress?
Nat: My dress made its debut for 30+ guests at my housewarming party last February. (I wore it then with black tights and basic black pumps.) It has also made an appearance at a Parisian dinner. I even had a client borrow it for a 1920s party. It’s always a hit!

James: I often like to "premiere" a great ensemble.  So I would say this dress is still awaiting a proper premiere like a Broadway play or a special date night.  However, I have worn this to a private bridal event and was paid a lovely compliment by Mark Ingram of Mark Ingram Atelier.  He raved about how it was a great day-to-evening dress, and I couldn't agree with him more.

For tips on how to pick out the perfect drop-waist dress for your body type, visit this previous post.  

Photo credit: Angie Harding


  1. You two are adorable! I love the dress!!

  2. Very classy, please keep sharing great insight on your fashion perspectives!

  3. Can't wait to see Great Gatsby! Loved how Mad Men inspired a 60s resurge - now it's fun to see fresh takes like yours on the 20s. So flattering and love the pleats.