09 August 2012

drop-waist divas

   DVF, $485

Drop-waist dresses were first popularized in the Roaring Twenties when women were ready to ditch their restrictive dresses and shake their flapper fringe in comfort and style. They gained popularity again in the 60s (shout out to my girl Twiggy) and currently are back with a vengeance with designers like Marchesa, Proenza Schuler, and Moschino showcasing them on the fall 2012 runway. 

The traditional style works best for taller and slender women with minimal curves, but let's be honest, that only includes a small percentage of the population. So here are some tips for different body types: 

Topshop, $84 (also available in petite)
—Make sure the dress ends above your knee, especially if it's a shift dress (like the one above). 
—Or you can look for a more fitted silhouette that cuts in at your natural waist and that can be worn with a skinny belt. A drop waist can visually shorten your legs, and this will counter that.
—Pair the dress with a high-heel shoe or at least a pointy-toe flat. No ballet flats!  

 ASOS SALON, $255.45
 Pear shaped
—Find a dress in which the waist hits above your hips and not at the widest part. 
—Make sure the skirt does not have a lot of extra volume. A simple A-line would be most flattering.
—To create balance to your figure, look for a dress with a strong shoulder or shoulder details like epaulets or one that looks great with a blazer.
—Use rules of color, and find a dress with a darker-colored skirt with a lighter color on top. 


  1. That ASOS Salon dress is lovely. xA

  2. I love these styles of dresses!!! I recently got a vintage one and was jumping up and down! I would love for you to visit my blog sometime!!
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