09 April 2013

book suggestions, please!

Aside from fashion, another love of mine is reading. I was the child that hid under my blankets with a flashlight, reading until all hours of the night. However, I did recently discover that I wasn't as sneaky I thought. My mom knew my trick all along but apparently turned a blind eye in the name of education.

Next week 6 of my dear girlfriends will be helping me celebrate my recent 30th birthday in Paris, and I'm giddy with excitement!

I always like to travel equipped with with a arsenal of books, and this time I want them to coincide with the trip theme. This is where you come in

What are your favorite fashion-related and/or Parisian books? I'm open to all—fiction, biography, reference.

A few of my personal favorites: 

Bringing Home the Birkin
Chanel and Her World
100 Ideas that Changed Fashion