08 May 2013

An American in Paris: Day #4

This was our last full day, so instead of rushing around like a mad fool, I decided to just take my time meandering and soaking in the last day Parisian life! With that, here are my highs:

Haute couture exhibit at the Hotel de Ville
It was a dream come true to see amazing fashion in the fashion capital of the world! A huge thanks to my friend Faith for cluing me in on the exhibit. It was incredible!

Hanging with the locals at Cafe St. Victor
Spending late afternoon hours sipping vin and eating cheese with friends was near the top of my Paris to-do list. A couple friends and I stumbled on Cafe St. Victor, where we had great conversation, lots of laughs,  and an awesome server, Francois, who was happy to practice his English on us.  I could really get used to the Parisian work-life balance!
 sweater: topshop (worn with ag coated denim and j.crew red flats)

Stuffing our faces with macarons
No explanation needed for this one. Luckily we walked A LOT on this trip, or I would have come home 10 lbs heavier!

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