21 May 2013

Two-Ways Tuesday: Birds of a Feather

Sweater: J.Crew. James: Skirt: Made by James (similar here), Belt: J.Crew, Shoes: Kate Spade (similar here).  Nat: Button-Up: J.Crew, Denim: J Brand, Shoes: Cole Haan (similar here). 

What about this sweater inspired you to purchase it?
James: I love birds! My mother once told me people used to tease her for having such slender legs and would call her bird legs. So when I saw the sweater in the J.Crew catalog, I felt an instant connection. She lives in California, so when I wear it, I feel closer to her. 

Nat: I already loved this cut of J.Crew sweater (the Tippi Sweater), and I thought the French hen was too cute to pass up. In addition, I like to go minimal on accessories these days, and with a graphic like this, I don't need to do a lot of accessorizing to make a fashionable statement.

What are the different ways you can style this sweater?
James:  This sweater is uber versatile, but a pencil skirt and a great pair of heels is my glam go-to. As a New Yorker, I also need my looks to carry me through the day, so it's great to be able to wear this from the office to a dinner date with absolutely no fuss.

Nat: When I want to go "casual chic," this sweater is great layered with a button-up shirt in a subtle pattern. Also, aside from working out, I am not big on wearing sneakers, and these Cole Haan oxfords are incredibly comfortable while looking fashionable. Whether you are running errands,  traveling, or a mom-on-the-go, this look is a great way to merge comfort and fashion. 

Photo credit: Angie Harding

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  1. These are my favorite posts! I love seeing the clothing worn different ways on two different body types. You guys are amazing, keep these posts coming!