31 October 2010

shirt cuffs & cuff links

While all men’s dress shirts may seem the same, they aren’t. There are many subtle but important differences that go into making a dress shirt what it is. We’ll start breaking down men’s dress shirts by cuff types.
 Button, or Barrel, Cuff: The standard cuff style, fastened by one or two buttons.

 Double, or French, Cuff: Extra length of sleeve folded back and fastened with a cuff link. This style is more formal than the button cuff.

Single Cuff: Like the double cuffs (fastened with a cuff link) without the fold. This is the most formal style and is usually only worn with formal evening wear.

And while we’re on the subject, let’s talk cuff links. We love vintage or vintage-inspired links. They give off a simple and elegant vibe, like these 1944 mercury dime cuff links from Nordstrom.

 Also, if you live in the New York City area, visit LEO Design (543 Hudson Street, between Perry and Charles Street) for a great selection of reasonably priced vintage cuff links.

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