17 October 2010

basic skirt silhouettes

A-line: Fitted at the hips and gradually widens toward the hem. This is flattering on most body types as it camouflages any extra weight you may carry in the hips without adding too much volume.

Circle/Full Skirt: A knee-length or longer skirt that is gathered at the waist. Fuller than an A-line skirt, it can be equally as flattering when cut to the knee and cinched at the waist. Be careful not to choose a skirt with too much volume.

Pencil: A slim-fitting skirt with a straight and narrow cut. This is ideal for those that want to create an hourglass shape or accentuate existing curves. Wear with a blouse tucked in for a polished look. However, don’t wear if you want to camouflage hips.

Tulip: Similar shape as a pencil skirt but with more volume in the hips. It usually looks best with a more fitted top. If you carry most of your weight in the hips, be careful not to choose a skirt with too much extra fabric.

Mini: The name says it all—short and sassy. It is best to avoid micro-mini skirts (keep them mid-thigh) and denim minis and to choose a fabric with some weight and structure. Also, wear a more conservative top with a mini to keep the look classy.

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