24 October 2010

cinch your waist

I’m the biggest advocate of belts! Whether it’s through simple ribbon or chunky leather, belts can be used to accessorize and fill in that missing piece to any outfit. And with these cold winter months ahead, belting chunky sweaters and dresses is a must. Here a few loose guidelines that will help you transform your outfits.

—Do not shy away from belts if your tummy is your trouble area. In fact, embrace this accessory! Cinch a thick belt right above the waist and instantly give the impression of a narrower, hour-glass figure.
—If you have a skinny frame, thick, boxy belts might swallow your torso. Instead, opt for a mid- to skinny-width belt to keep your body in proportion.
—Rummage through your closet for any old, shapeless dresses or blouses and make them current by adding a belt of any width.
—Remember that you don’t have to match your belt to your shoes—get creative when pairing the two for a new and exciting combo.
—Layers, layer, layers! Add a jacket or cardigan over a top with any belt and add an interesting textural dimension to your outfit.

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