04 November 2012

sandy: we all can help

 (Photo: Humans of New York)

(Photo: AP/Julio Cortez)

After 4 days with no power, I now sit in my warm and well-lit little apartment after Superstorm Sandy wreaked her havoc on a city I now call my home. My puppy and I were fortunate enough during those dark days to have a great friend uptown take us in and provide us with a warm place to stay, a hot shower, light, and all of those comforts I too often take for granted. Upon my return home, I felt excited and relieved to be restored and start regaining some normalcy. However, seeing footage on the news and hearing of people living mere miles away from me who are still completely devastated by this terrible tragedy made me feel a combination of grief, helplessness, guilt, and a desire to help. 

Situations like this often bring out the best in people, and I have been touched to hear of individuals, communities, and businesses banding together and sacrificing to help others. They inspire me to look past my own trivial problems and help those whose lives have been turned upside down by this disaster. 

The road to recovery is long and daunting for many, and we can all do something to help ease their burden. Click here for ways you can volunteer or donate to help victims of Sandy. 

Love, Natalie

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  1. great post Natalie! Glad you are okay.